CPID Completes China's First Transaction of Parity Green Certificates

From June 28 to 29, 2021, the "International Dialog on Energy Transition 2021" was held in Suzhou, China, hosted by the National Energy Administration (NEA), Jiangsu Provincial Government, and International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Mr. Zhang Jianhua, Director of NEA, attended the meeting and announced in his speech that "the organizing committee of the International Dialog on Energy Transition 2021 has achieved zero-carbon electricity consumption for the venue and green transportation for the conference by purchasing parity renewable green certificates, practicing the concept of green low-carbon development with practical actions." CPID's Chaoyang 500 MW Grid Parity Photovoltaic Project provided 60 parity green certificates for the event, completing the first parity green certificate transaction in China.

The green certificate means the confirmation and proof of non-hydro renewable energy generation. As the international and domestic low-carbon development concept continues to deepen, the demand for green power is becoming more and more urgent. The parity green certificate transactions will promote the consumption and utilization of green, clean power in the whole society while meeting the demand for green power by energy users. In addition, the environmental benefits from green certificate transaction will provide strong support for the development of new energy in the era of grid parity, and help increase the willingness of social capital investment in renewable energy, promote the restructuring of China's power mix and achieve the "3060" carbon targets.

In this event, CPID's Chaoyang PV power project provided 60 parity green certificates for the organizing committee through the China Green Certificate Subscription Platform. These certificates are equivalent to providing 60 MWh of green electricity and reducing CO2 emissions by 52,314 kg, SO2 emissions by 28.2 kg and NOx emissions by 25.8 kg.

CPID's Chaoyang PV power project is one of China's first grid parity PV power pilot projects with the largest single capacity owned, built and operated by CPID. The project was first synchronized to the grid in December 2019, providing green energy while also contributing to local poverty alleviation and ecosystem restoration, becoming a "smart ecological energy base'" to practice the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" through "air-ground integrated" intelligent operation and maintenance, giving full play to the demonstration role of grid parity PV power, and setting a good example.