Mr. He Xi Meets with Ms. Lv Suqing

On July 6, 2021, Mr. He Xi, Chairman of CPID and Chief Engineer (New Energy) of SPIC, met with Ms. Lv Suqing, Party Committee Secretary of Luannan County, and her delegation at the headquarters of CPID, accompanied by Mr. Zhao Yonggang, Vice President of CPID.

Mr. He welcomed Ms. Lv and her delegation to visit CPID, and introduced the special advantages of SPIC and CPID as well as their transformation, development and achievements in the field of clean energy. He said that CPID, as a core subsidiary of SPIC, is making every effort to achieve the "3060" carbon targets, and is creating a new way of green development with the help of integrated smart energy and multi-energy complementation of power sources, power load, power grids and energy storage in the process of new energy transformation and development.

Ms. Lv made a detailed introduction to the development history, location advantages, industrial transformation and resource distribution of Luannan County, saying that the resources in Luannan County were widely distributed and ripe for development, and she hoped that CPID would give full play to its advantages of capital and technology to plan the local transformation and development together.

During the meeting, both sides discussed in depth about the "3060" carbon targets and industrial transformation, and reached a good consensus on starting the new energy development planning in Luannan County as soon as possible, carrying out all-round strategic cooperation in the fields of PV power, offshore wind power, battery swapping for heavy trucks and other projects, and speeding up the implementation of specific projects.