Wuling Power Generation Company Takes Multiple Measures for Heavy Rainfall

From June 27 to July 5, 2021, the Yuanshui River basin experienced the heaviest rainfall this year, with a cumulative rainfall of 184.8 mm, and even 230 mm in the Wuqiangxi area. To cope with this flood process, Wuling Power Generation Company strengthened communication with the provincial and municipal water and drought disaster defense offices and the power grid dispatching agencies on different levels, and took a series of measures to organize the joint dispatch of the basin reservoirs, which ensured the safety of flooding upstream and downstream of reservoirs, successfully intercepted the flood tails, and reserved sufficient water for the late peak period of the power grid in the summer.

First, strengthen weather forecast and analysis, and prepare reservoir storage capacity to accommodate the flood water. The power generation control center closely tracked the weather trend forecast, specially studied and judged the time and area distribution and late weather trends during this round of rainfall, and predicted that after this round of rainfall it would be hot and sunny for a long time, providing an important basis for the development of dispatching strategy.

Second, implement accurate dispatching to ensure flood safety. The power generation control center promptly strengthened the reservoir duty force, rolling out the flood prediction and forecast for reservoirs from time to time. Accurate dispatching was implemented in time according to the rainfall situation and flood forecast.

Third, dispatch jointly the cascade hydropower plants and store water for the peak period in the summer. The leaders of the provincial government have organized many meetings to study the situation and arrange flood control and dispatching work, to ensure comprehensive benefits. The provincial flood and drought disaster defense office implemented accurate dispatching according to reservoir-specific policies. The dispatching center and the provincial dispatching agency promptly adjusted the power generation modes of the hydropower plants to create conditions for flood storage. According to the characteristics of this round of rainfall, reservoirs such as Sanbanxi, Baishi and Tuokou in the upper reaches of the Yuanshui River made full use of their storage capacity to intercept and store flood water, so as to minimize the pressure of incoming floods in the downstream reservoirs.