Mr. He Xi Meets with Mr. Yang Changya

On July 8, 2021, Mr. He Xi, Chairman of CPID and Chief Engineer (New Energy) of SPIC, met with Mr. Yang Changya, Secretary of Xianyang Municipal Party Committee in Xianyang City. Both sides discussed and exchanged opinions about cooperation in the fields of clean energy, integrated smart energy and beautiful village construction.

Mr. Yang welcomed Mr. He and his delegation, saying that Xianyang has a long history, good business environment and rich natural resources. Mr. Yang said that Xianyang was facing energy mix adjustment and traditional industry upgrading, and actively promoting high-quality development. Mr. Yang also said that the Government of Xianyang welcomed CPID to invest in Xianyang and would provide preferential policy support for CPID's investment in Xianyang, hoping that both sides would strengthen coordination and cooperation, look for good opportunities for cooperation, and build a model village and demonstration city with quality development in Xianyang together.

Mr. He expressed his gratitude to Mr. Yang for his warm reception, and introduced the development history of CPID as well as the successful experience of SPIC and CPID in the construction of beautiful villages. Mr. He said that CPID would give full play to its industrial, technical, talent and capital advantages, develop a "smart energy + beautiful village" overall construction plan according to local conditions, and create a model and benchmark of "carbon-neutral" beautiful villages and towns. Mr. He hoped that both sides could seize the current favorable opportunity, actively seek cooperation opportunities, promote project cooperation, create a masterpiece of beautiful village construction, and improve the living quality and happiness index of Xianyang people.

Mr. Wei Hua, Mayor of Xianyang City, Mr. Lv Laisheng, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mr. Cao Hanping, Vice Mayor of Xianyang City, and the heads of Development and Reform Bureau, Investment Promotion Bureau and Rural Revitalization Bureau of Xianyang City; and Mr. Zhao Yonggang, Vice President of CPID attended the meeting.