CPID and Pingdingshan Government Sign Cooperation Agreement

On July 12, 2021, CPID and Pingdingshan Municipal Government signed a cooperation agreement in the office building of the Pingdingshan Municipal Government. Mr. He Xi, Chairman of CPID and Chief Engineer (New Energy) of SPIC, and Mr. Zhao Wenfeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Acting Mayor of Pingdingshan City, attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing of the agreement between both sides.

Before the signing ceremony, both sides had an in-depth exchange about the cooperation between enterprises and local governments, industrial transformation and development, "3060" carbon targets, rural revitalization, etc.

Mr. He expressed his gratitude to Pingdingshan Municipal Government for the support and care given to CPID. Mr. He said that the national strategies such as the "3060" carbon targets would provide a broader space for practical cooperation between both sides, and that multi-faceted in-depth cooperation with Pingdingshan City was an important choice for CPID to accelerate transformation and development and promote industrial upgrading. CPID would actively participate in Pingdingshan's 14th Five-Year Plan and the design of the path to peak carbon dioxide emissions, join hands with industry leaders to promote the new energy industry, create a clean energy industry chain, and achieve win-win cooperation.

Mr. Zhao welcomed Mr. He and his delegation and expressed his gratitude to CPID for its long-term support to the economic and social development of Pingdingshan. Mr. Zhao said that in order for Pingdingshan, a resource-based city, to take the path of transformation and development, it should base itself on the new development stage, implement a new development concept, integrate new development modes, and study important issues such as industrial transformation and rural revitalization. The strategic cooperation between both sides was of great significance for Pingdingshan to improve urban construction and management, accelerate industry upgrading, and help achieve the "3060" carbon targets. Mr. Zhao hoped that both sides would take this signing ceremony as a new starting point to speed up their cooperation and achieve win-win development, and the municipal government would further optimize the business environment and support CPID's enterprises in Pingdingshan to accelerate their transformation and development.

According to the agreement, both sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in six fields: integrated smart energy projects, green low-carbon demonstration zone, new energy industry demonstration base, CHP projects, green transportation, and rural revitalization, to promote the transformation and development of CPID and help Pingdingshan City to adjust its energy mix, upgrade traditional industries, and protect the ecological environment, so as to jointly open up new prospects of high-quality transformation and development.

The relevant personnel from Pingdingshan Municipal Government, Municipal People's Congress, Pingdingshan Development and Reform Commission, Industrial Information Bureau and other municipal units, Ye County, Nylon New Materials Industry Area Management Committee, and CPID attended the signing ceremony.