Shentou Power Generation Company Gains Win-Win Results in Production and Tariff

Recently, Shentou Power Generation Company delivered a record in monthly energy production and monthly utilization hours (among the same type of units in the region) in July, due to its optimized electricity marketing strategies and improved spot transactions. Estimates showed that the spot on-grid energy was 200 GWh, with a month-on-month surge in unit price.

Since April 2021, Shanxi Province has taken the lead in launching uninterrupted settlement, making it a bilateral spot market with the longest trial operation time of uninterrupted settlement in China. To maximize the profits, the Company improved its medium- and long-term contracts, spot quotation plans, response to market trends, and quotation strategies. In the high-price market, the Company properly distributed loads among the medium- and long-term, day-ahead, and real-time markets to secure high returns. In the low-price market, the Company worked towards winning some high-price medium- and long-term contracts as special alternatives to the spot market, while ensuring the medium- and long-term and day-ahead profits. Next, the Company will continue to prioritize electricity marketing, raise electricity sales and tariffs, as well as control costs to comprehensively increase the power generation profits.