CPID Is Awarded 990 MW Renewable Energy Projects in Guangxi

Recently, the Development and Reform Commission of Guangxi Autonomous Region announced the competitive allocation of PV and wind power grid-connected projects in 2021, and Guangxi Power Generation Company of SPIC was awarded 560 MW wind power projects and 430 MW PV projects.The winning of these renewable energy projects will play a positive role in promoting CPID's clean energy transition.

It is understood that candidates in the competitive allocation of the guarantee projects were evaluated from four aspects including company capacity, project implementation, social effect, and construction and consumption capacity. A total of 147 wind power projects and 159 PV projects in the whole region were included. Before and after bid evaluation, the Company fully studied the application strategy and coordinated to solve problems, laying a good foundation for the excellent results and fully reflecting the Company's regional influence and business execution.