SPIC Shandong Branch Commences 101 MW/202 MWh Energy Storage Demonstration Project

On August 25, 2021, SPIC Shandong Energy Development Co., Ltd. completed first concrete pouring of Haiyang 101 MW/202 MWh Energy Storage Power Station Project, marking the official commencement of the project.

Haiyang Energy Storage Power Station Project, as the first batch of energy storage power station pilot and demonstration project in Shandong Province in 2021, will promote advocacy and development through demonstration. It will achieve breakthroughs in new technologies and new mode innovation.

In terms of new technologies, the project uses lithium iron phosphate batteries and pioneers the application of iron-chromium flow batteries developed by SPIC Central Research Institute. By proving the technical feasibility of the new flow battery and its practical suitability for electric power application scenarios, the project will help accelerate the building of the upstream and downstream industry chains and promote the development of flow battery industry in Shandong.

In terms of new mode, in addition to providing peak-load supply for Shandong Power Grid, the project may rent its energy storage capacity to wind power, PV, and other new energy companies, so as to reduce the investment, operation and maintenance costs of self- built energy storage facilities.

The project boasts innovations in technology and mode, and will generate significant economic benefits. As a demonstration project, the project is eligible for the subsidy of Energy Administration of Shandong Province. It will generate multiple benefits in auxiliary electric power service, peak-load supply, and energy storage capacity renting.

As the demand for energy storage soars in Shandong, accelerating the application of energy storage technologies will effectively improve the flexibility, economy, and safety of new energy accommodation while providing peaking, frequency regulation, backup, black start, demand response and other services for the operation of power grids. In the future, the Shandong Branch will continue to explore new modes and technologies and build more energy storage demonstration projects in Shandong.