Dabieshan Power Generation Company Conducts Ultra-low Load Verification Test

On August 25, 2021, Dabieshan Power Generation Company conducted an ultra-low load verification test on Unit 2 to explore the unit's peaking capability and provide data support for the flexibility upgrade of the unit, thus boosting the Company's transition to high quality development.

To make sure that the test results could give a true reflection of the unit's peaking capability, the Company developed a special plan for the test. During the test, the Company closely followed the dispatching center's commands, reduced the unit load, and tuned the unit operating parameters to ensure stable operation without starting the oil guns and plasma ignition system. The unit continuously operated at 166 MW, 26% of its rated load, for over one hour.

Based on the data obtained from this test, the Company will develop the flexibility upgrade scheme for units of Phase I. The Company has included the flexibility upgrade into its three-year rolling plan for technical upgrade.