Mr. He Xi and Mr. Gao Ping Meet with Mr. Deng Jianqing and Mr. Zhang Yu

On August 31, 2021, Mr. He Xi, Chairman of CPID and Chief Engineer (New Energy) of SPIC, and Mr. Gao Ping, Executive Director and President of CPID, met with Mr. Deng Jianqing, Chairman of China Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhang Yu, Vice President and Secretary General of Hydrogen Energy Branch of China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development, at the headquarters of CPID.

Mr. Deng, Mr. Zhang and their delegation first introduced the development history and advantages of China Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. in the field of new energy and hydrogen energy, and expressed their hope to rely on the strengths of CPID in funds and technology, and actively carry out exchanges with CPID, seek extensive cooperation opportunities, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Mr. He and Mr. Gao extended a warm welcome to Mr. Deng, Mr. Zhang and their delegation. Mr. He said that both sides should give full play to their strengths and cooperate in new energy, hydrogen energy and other fields on the basis of mutual trust and benefit. Mr. Gao introduced the basic situation of CPID and its development strategy and achievements in hydrogen energy, and hoped that both sides would vigorously explore the application scenarios, business model and profit model of PtG production, and cultivate a replicable "model" of hydrogen energy utilization.