Southern No. 3 Offshore Wind Farm on Shandong Peninsula Completes Installation of Its 5200 t Offshore Substation

On September 2, 2021, the offshore substation of Southern No. 3 Offshore Wind Farm on Shandong Peninsula was successfully installed at 15:20.

The project is one of CPID's first batch of offshore wind power projects in Shandong Province. The offshore substation, as the power collection center of offshore wind farms, is known as the "steel heart" of offshore wind power projects. The installation of the offshore substation marks the completion of another important milestone of the project.

The offshore substation adopts a complete arrangement, consisting of a topside module, a jacket, and steel pipe piles, with a total structural weight of 5,200 t. The topside module is a three-layer steel structure with a total weight of 2,860 t, a plan size of about 31 m × 34 m and a height of about 16.5 m; and the substructure is a 4-legged jacket, with a total weight of about 2,300 t (including steel pipe piles).

The offshore substation is equipped with an innovative and optimized fire protection system, and adopts the aspirating smoke detection system for the first time and the HP fine water mist fire protection system in the cable layer for the first time, which protect the safe operation of the project.