CPID's Puts into Operation Sichuan's First Unattended Battery Charging and Swap Station in Chengdu

On September 7, 2021, Qiyuan Core Power Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CPID, put into operation Sichuan's first unattended battery charging and swap station in Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu.

Qiyuan is an integrated intelligent energy service provider, focusing on the field of green power transportation, and CPID, as the largest shareholder, holds 36% of its equity.

Qingbaijiang No. 001 battery charging and swap station, located in Qingbaijiang Railway Port Area of China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, an important infrastructure for the new energy commercial vehicle industry in Chengdu, took only two months from site selection and survey to completion and operation. The battery charging and swap station mainly serves the electrification of container transport tractors in the central station of Qingbaijiang Railway Port, the departure port of the "China-Europe Freight Train", to meet the development needs of modern logistics, international trade, intelligent manufacturing and other open leading industries.

On the same day, at the Chengdu New Energy Commercial Vehicle Product Launch and Application Promotion Conference, Qiyuan signed the strategic cooperation agreements on new energy commercial vehicles with Qingbaijiang District People's Government, Chengdu Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Chengtou Energy Investment Management Group, and SINOTRUK Chengdu Wangpai Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Next, Qiyuan will cooperate with partners and related enterprises in the green transportation industry to take the lead in laying out intelligent battery charging and swap stations in Sichuan Province for green transportation business, which is expected to activate the market with a value of about RMB5 billion for battery swap for heavy trucks, and to accelerate the upgrading of clean transportation industry at the "Belt and Road" inland port.