CPID Intends to Cooperate with China Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. on Building Zero CO2 Emission Ecological Chain in Inner Mongolia

Recently, CPID consulted with China Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd. and Hydrogen Energy Industry Promotion Association, planning cooperation in new energy, hydrogen energy and other business fields, actively exploring new modes of PtG production, and intending to build a zero CO2 emission ecological chain in Inner Mongolia.

Both sides will fully base on their respective advantages, respond to the local economic and social development needs, aim at building green logistics, and develop hydrogen energy industry as the core, so as to build a new operation system based on new energy power generation including PV power, energy storage, hydrogen refueling and zero CO2 emission (hydrogen fuel, battery swap) heavy truck and form a main line of green energy production, supply, marketing and use.

During the 14th "Five-Year Plan" period, Inner Mongolia will increase the development of hydrogen energy industry. It plans to build an important industrial development base for hydrogen energy innovation and research, equipment manufacturing, demonstration and application in China, and form a competitive industrial cluster integrating hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation and use.

It is understood that China is the world's largest producer of ammonia, with an annual production of about 30% of the world's total production. Hydrogen, as an important raw material for low-temperature and low-pressure green ammonia synthesis, has broad prospects for industrial extension applications. CPID will actively broaden the new runway of the hydrogen energy industry, explore new technology application of green ammonia synthesis based on the cooperation between the two sides, lead the in-depth development of the green hydrogen industry, and become the pioneer in the industry to promote the industrial revolution.