China Power's 3 Facility sets Earn it the Title of "Energy Efficiency Bench-marking Unit"

Recently, the China Electricity Council announced the 2017 national benchmark results on energy efficiency levels for coal-fired power facility units. Three plants in China Power's Pingwei Power won top honours for comprehensive energy efficiency in the bench-marking evaluations.

In terms of efficiency bench-marking and competitiveness for national coal-fired power, the China Electricity Council bases its prize awarding on coal-fired power facility units for different capacities, i.e., 1000MW and 600MW and 300MW. This is accomplished through application of reliable capacity-related indicators, economic indicators, technical supervision indicators and environmental protection indicators in order to make comprehensive evaluations, provide public scrutiny and verification procedures. Pingwei Power Plant No. 5's facility set No. 3 won the 1000MW coal-fired capacity, AAAA-class ultra super-critical unit award, and Pingwei Power Plant No. 2's No. 3 and No.4 facility sets were awarded the 600MW, AAA-class super-critical wet cooling unit prizes.

Pingwei Electric Power Generation Company has long adhered to benchmark management, adopting the highest standards at the national and regional levels while continually tapping its own potential and actively implementing technological innovation and achieving continuous improvement as measured by reliability indicators and various economic and technical indicators which have garnered impressive results. In 2017, China Power strengthened the operations and maintenance management of all facility units, carried out energy-saving diagnoses and quantitative analyses of its installed units, and strengthened bench-marking management with respect to key indicators. They also bench-marked against technical and economic indicators relating to electricity supply capacity, coal consumption and electricity consumption rate at power plant, all of which reflected continuous optimisation.