CCTV’s coverage on clean development of CP Shentou attracts media attention

On 23 October, CCTV’s coverage on clean and green energy development of CP Shentou attracts media attention. The report is about the important achievement of CP Shentou in green energy development and new energy construction over recent years, how CP Shentou supports the group to grow into a world-class clean energy company, and transformation of China Power. The reputation of the company has been enhanced.

China Electric Power News, company website of SPIC, Suzhou News, Shanxi News (Suzhou Channel), Huanghe News (Suzhou Chnnel) and other media reported the coverage in different forms at prominent locations. Suzhou News, Shanxi News (Suzhou Channel) and Huanghe News (Suzhou Chnnel) even made it the headline of the day.

In recent years, CP Shentou has placed a focus on coal-fired energy and new energy and adhered to the strategic positioning of developing itself into a comprehensive energy company with regional advantages, so as to achieve a strategic transformation from a coal-fired company into an enterprise engaging in coal-fired, wind and solar powers.