Changshu Electric Power Generating Company: Establish a Platform for Faster Growth of Young Employees

On 26 October, a young commando team of Changshu Electric Power Generating Company replaced the DC system and electric load of the machine unit 1 of the company, ensuring on-time replacement of DC panel during subsequent periods.

The replacement operation involved wide-ranging systems and electric loads and would impose impact on the safe operation of external system if anything goes wrong, so the operation difficulty was high. The overhaul of the machine unit 1 of the company began on 1 October. After that, Changshu Electric Power Generating Company established the young commando team, encouraging them to undertake "urgent, difficult, dangerous and important" tasks. They will achieve faster growth by overcoming difficulties encountered in various tasks.

In addition, an evaluation activity "Star of the Week" is implemented during daily production procedure, with a view to encouraging young employees to perform their duties faithfully. In June this year, Changshu Electric Power Generating Company officially launched the "Challenger Scheme". Guided by mentors, young employees will see improvement in various aspects of abilities by completing challenging tasks.