China Power Completes 2019 Technology Project Review

China Power convened the 2019 Technology Project Review Meeting on 8 November. 24 technology projects intended to be filed by China Power in 2019 were reviewed at the meeting

Technology projects should aim at serving China Power's main business and promoting China Power's technological innovation, transformation and development. The review can ensure the projects are implemented in a safe and controlled manner and the investment in the projects are sensible and economical. Meanwhile, the review can also enhance the management and evaluation of technology projects in terms of technological and scientific achievements, independent intellectual property rights and investment efficiency. During the review, the applicants replied to the questions related to the technology projects and discussed and analyzed the research, technological direction, key technological indicators, expected outcomes, application benefits and prospects of the projects with the experts.

The meeting was attended by the technology and communication department, production department, finance department of China Power, technology project review expert unit, leaders of the applying units and project heads.