Double-Hundred Actions Work Unit Invites SASAC Research Institute to the Company for Exchange

Hosted by Fu Jingsong, Vice President of China Power, the "Double-Hundred Actions" Exchange Seminar of SASAC Research Institute was held at the head office of China Power.

Chairman of Corporate Management Branch of SASIC Research Institute Zhi Dongsheng, Vice Researcher of SASIC Research Institute Dr. Zhou Lisha and other leaders and experts specializing in reform of state-owned enterprises commented on and explained the work of the reform of China Power by referring to the company's "Double-Hundred Actions" initiative, work record and successful cases of other pilot departments for reform.

Fu Jingsong introduced in detail the implementation of the company's "Double-Hundred Actions" initiative as well as the difficulties currently faced by state-owned enterprises in their reform. Fu Jingsong said China Power will further enhance communication with SASIC and the group company while actively seeking policy support and making effective and good use of the reform policy. Also he said the company will facilitate exchanges with pilot units of the "Double-Hundred Actions" initiative within and outside the industry so as to learn from their reform experience. Besides, he required the work unit and specific task unit to embrace challenges with courage and carefully prepare reform proposals. He hoped the leaders and experts of SASIC Research Institute can continue to offer support and advice for the "Double-Hundred Actions" initiative of China Power.

A total 20 heads of departments and contact persons of the "Double-Hundred Actions" initiative attended the meeting, who shared the problems they encountered while drafting the proposals with the experts of SASIC.