Annual Power Generation of Pingwei Power Generating Company and Photovoltaic Power Stations Under its Direct Management Hits Record High

As of 4 December, the annual power generation of the coal-fired generating unit of Pingwei and three photovoltaic power stations of China Power in Jiaoganghu, Shijianghu and Kaile, Hefei hit record high.

Since the beginning of this year, the company has focused on the "three infrastructures" to seek continuous improvement in equipment management, improve the "Production Equipment Risk Analysis and Control 'Unexpected Suspension' Measures", and enhance reason analysis of production incidents, improve closed-loop management and fully control "unexpected suspension" of generating units. It has also perfected the equipment classification list and carried out hierarchical management for equipment. Taking advantage of the four series C overhauls of the coal-fired generating units, the company conducted technological research to timely eliminate major equipment risks such as large bearing vibration of the No.4 generating unit and high excitation temperature of the generating units phase II, which has significantly enhanced the reliability of the generating units. A total of six generating units have been operated for 49 consecutive days during the year, the best record in history. These generating units have been operated for 600 days, among which the no.3 generating unit has been operated for 301 days. The no.5 generating was awarded AAAA grade in the National Large Generating Unit Competition, while no.3, 4, and 6 generating units were granted AAA in the National Large Generating Unit Competition. 6 generating units are still in operation at present.

With respect to photovoltaic projects, the electric department, equipment control department and Huandian Fengtai project department of the company cooperated with Changhua Company to complete the first series C overhaul for Jiaoganghu Photovoltaic Power Station Phase I of China Power as well as the maintenance and cable pressure test for Jiaoganghu Photovoltaic Power Station, which has continuously improved the equipment quality of the photovoltaic power station. Jiaoganghu Photovoltaic Power Station delivered the best performance in Anhui in terms of production indicators and was awarded the National Solar and Photovoltaic Power Station Production and Operation Indicator Benchmark (Anhui, East China) AAAAA Grade.