Some Sub-Projects of the Comprehensive and Intelligent Energy Project of China Power Intelligent Beike Industrial Park Are Put into Operation

On January 25, as distributed fans and the photovoltaic shed combined to the grid and the central control room were officially used, the Comprehensive and Intelligent Energy Project of Beike Industrial Park was put into operation.

Through multiple negotiations with the design team, the project team paid special attention to the design of central control room, introduced human factor engineering to the design. In the meantime, it adopted an intelligent office system and the access control system with face recognition function. It applied the deformed steel structure to the intelligent photovoltaic shed. It inspected several types of distributed fans and finally selected the vertical-axis fan with a small cut-in wind speed.

Meanwhile, the first stage of IEMS was developed and used in this project. It deeply integrated energy and information flows, measured electric, cold, heating, water, and gas data and intelligent control of cooling and heating system and significantly improved the intelligent level of energy supply and the comprehensive efficiency of energy application.