China Power Convenes the Second Meeting of the First Workers' Congress and 2019 Working Conference

On January 25 and 26, China Power convened the Second Meeting of the First Workers' Congress and 2019 Working Conference in Beijing.

Tian Jun, Executive Director and President of China Power, attended the meeting and delivered a work report, entitled Strengthening Strategy Implementation, Deepening Reform and Transformation, Striving to Be a World-class Leader of Clean Energy Enterprises.

In 2018, China Power adhered to high-quality development, coordinated efforts to promote steady growth and reform, adjust structure, and prevent risks, vigorously implemented relevant measures, maintained stable production and operation, and improved its clean, comprehensive, and intelligent transformation. Its results of high-quality development turned obvious gradually. It completed all the tasks related to indicators like operation development and internal compliance control assigned by the Group. It ranked among the top in terms of comprehensive performance assessment of tier-2 organizations of the Group.

With respect to company's work in 2019, Tian Jun requested that China Power should center on the "Four Benchmarks" construction requirements proposed by State Power Investment Corporation Limited (SPIC) and perform the following tasks well: First, it should adhere to the direction of transformation and development and exert all efforts to push the implementation of the Group's strategies. Second, it should deeply tap potential and enhance efficiency and keep the leading position of its operation performance. Third, it should strengthen risk prevention and promote sustainable development. Fourth, it should constantly optimize the management system and mechanism and consolidate the company's strengths in management. Fifth, it should endeavor to be a leader in reform.

Huang Yuntao, Vice President of China Power, conveyed the gist of the speeches of Qian Zhimin, the Chairman and Jiang Yi, the General Manager. Zeng Xuefeng, Vice President of China Power, gave a work report entitled, Centering on Core Tasks, Making Constant Efforts, and Unite and Mobilize Cadres and Employees to Make Contributions to the Company's Transformation and Development.

Fu Jingsong, Vice President of China Power, described the outline of reform of "100 Subsidiaries of Central Enterprises and 100 State-owned Local Backbone Enterprises".

During the meeting, attendees hotly exchanged views on and discussed about the General Manager's work report and the trade union work report. The meeting reviewed and passed reports, including Report on "Decisions on Major Matters, Appointment and Dismissal of Major Cadres, Arrangement of Major Tasks, and Use of Large-value Funds" in 2018, Report on Overseas Business Travel Expenses, Official Car Purchase and Maintenance Expenses, and Business Reception expenses in 2018, and Report on 2018 Budget Execution and 2019 Budget Arrangement, as well as resolutions (draft) of the Workers' Congress.

At the meeting, Tian Jun, on behalf of China Power, signed 2019 Comprehensive Performance Responsibility Letter and 2019 Stable Work Responsibility Letter. China Power's advanced teams and individuals in 2018 were praised.

Representatives of Financial Department and Distribution and Sale of Electricity and Comprehensive Energy Department of the Headquarters, Pingwei Power Plant, Shentou Power Plant, and Changzhou Hydropower Company of Guangxi Branch made special speeches.

Guan Qihong and Wang Xianchun, non-executive directors of China Power, the management members of China Power, vice presidents, leaders, and cadres of departments of the Headquarters, heads of tier-3 organizations, and 127 employee representatives attended the meeting at the main venue. The meeting was broadcast live via video-conferencing. A total of 718 people, including heads of Wuling Power and branches in Shandong, Anhui, Hubei, and Guangxi, attended the meeting in video-conferencing.