Pingwei Power Plant Wins the Title of Organization with Outstanding Contribution in Training Technical Talents

On January 28, Pingwei Power Plant received the Decision on Commending the 14th Chinese Skill Competition and National Technical Experts, issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China. Pingwei Power Plant won the title of "Organization with Outstanding Contribution in Training Technical Talents". It is reported that. this award is granted once every two years. It is the highest award for organizations outstanding in training talents. This year, only two organizations in Anhui Province won this title.

Pingwei Power Plant independently developed eight modules, including large-scale unit control and operation technology, steam turbine body maintenance, 1,000kV transformer, control system principle and maintenance and safety skill training, 18 types of work, and 35 training projects, and formed teaching material system and training course system with independent intellectual property rights. In recent years, a total of 332 people won awards of competitions held by superior organizations, wherein, there were 29 first prizes for individuals and 23 first prizes for teams. The company trained 24 excellent talents in various technologies for central enterprises in the power industry in China. 12 people won skill competitions at the national level and above. The company provides talents for transformation and development of enterprises.

While well performing internal training, the company actively trains talents for the Group and China Power. In the past decade, it undertook 86 training and competition tasks and trained 3,285 employees. In the past eight years, it assessed the skills of 3,896 people in 73 groups of four power generation groups and 20 power generation companies. It won the title of "National Advanced Assessment Station for Professional Skill Assessment of the Electricity Industry".