Changshu Power Plant Obtains a National Patent for Its Innovative Achievement

On February 28, according to State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), Changshu Power Plant obtained the national authorization of utility model patent for its innovative achievement-"Speed-control Cartridge Cleaning Device for MW Unit". The patent number is CN208526042U. This achievement also won the Third Prize of Employee Technical Innovation Achievements the National Power System.

This patent utilizes the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation of water in the cartridge to toss out impurities out from the cartridge. It adopts separate cleaning with high cleaning efficiency. The cleaning qualification rate can be raised to 100%. Moreover, no damage will be caused to the cartridge during cleaning. This patent effectively saves the equipment maintenance cost.

Changshu Power Plant has insisted on carrying out innovation to improve efficiency, encouraged its team to make small inventions and reforms based on problems at work, and further enhanced "Infrastructure Construction, Basic Work, and Basic Training". At present, the company has built three innovation studios and obtained nearly 20 utility model patents. Over 60 innovation achievements won honors above the provincial level. It has contributed to promoting safety, production, management, and efficiency.