SPIC Accepts Pu An Power Generation's Demonstration Digital Project

On March 4-5, Dept. of Thermal Power, SPIC led the acceptance expert group to accept the demonstration digital project of China Power (Pu An) Power Generation Co., Ltd. (Pu An Power Generation). Huang Baode, Deputy Director of Dept. of Thermal Power, SPIC, and Xue Xinchun, the Chief Engineer of China Power, attended the acceptance meeting.

The expert group listened to the report on the demonstration digital project, visited the site of digital facility applications, and highly recognized the project implementation and applications.

The expert group unanimously agreed that, the demonstration digital project of Pu An Power Generation has reasonable costs, advanced ideas, and good promotion value. The project has conducted meaningful exploration and innovation in digital control, digital management, and digital business decision-making, and completed the objectives of construction work of demonstration digital project.

The expert group suggested that, Pu An Power Generation should continue to improve, optimize, and expand digital systems and facilities. Under the guidance and support of China Power, it should accumulate relevant data, perfect relevant functions, and vigorously carry out digital development, further enhance the intelligence level, and strive to become an intelligent power plant.

The leaders and experts of relevant departments of Dept. of Thermal Power, SPIC and China Power attended the acceptance meeting.