Pingwei Electric Power Organizes Spring Photography Activity

On 4 April, the Photography Association of Pingwei Electric Power organized the Spring Photography Activity. Over 10 amateur photographers from different departments such as operation, electric power, auxiliary equipment and back office were led on a tour to capture how Pingwei Electric Power looked in the beautiful Spring.

The photographers took photos of the cooling tower, coal site, chimneys, machine units and booster stations from different angles, and shared their work and exchanged their views on photography with others in order to take the best shots which can reflect their spirit and the beautiful view of the power plant.

Over the years, the company has been focusing on building a “beautiful power plant”. The coverage of greenery of the power plant is increasing year on year. Every year when Spring comes, winter jasmine, white michelia, camellia, peach blossom and bauhinia begin to blossom, creating a colorful, beautiful and harmonious environment for the busy employees.