Pingwen Power Company's Three Units Named "Outstanding Unit" at CEC's Annual Energy Efficiency Benchmarking Evaluation

China Electricity Council announced the energy efficiency benchmarking result of coal-fired units for 2018 on 13 May. The No. 6 unit of Pingwei Power Company, which operates under China Power, won the Outstanding Award of 1000MW Ultra Supercritical Unit AAAA Grade and its No. 3 and 4 units won the Outstanding Award of 600MW Supercritical Pure Condensed Wet Cooling Unit AAAA and AAA Grades respectively.

China Electricity Council conducted energy efficiency benchmarking evaluation of coal-fired units for the electricity industry according to the relevant requirements of the Management Measures on National Coal-fired Unit Evaluation and selected the winning coal-fired units for 2018 after several rounds of review, including the evaluation of the reliability indicator, economics indicator, technology supervision indicator and environmentally-friendly indictor, data announcement, on-site verification and final judging.

With view to accomplishing the goal of becoming the integrated energy enterprise taking a lead in five aspects, Pingwei Power Company has adhered to safe production and attached importance to "safety & reliability, economic environmental friendliness, cleanness, flexibility and manageability". It strives to improve the reliability and manageability of units and optimise the operation indicators of units. Through the adoption of a multi-pronged approach, it has successfully improved efficiency. The initiative on consumption reduction and strict control of environmental parameter have contributed to big improvement of the environmental management of the company.