Fuxi Power Company's 10 QC Achievements Are Recognised by Yibin City

The "22nd Yibin City QC Group Activity & Good Quality Results Announcement" was held in Gao County, Yibin City on 15 May. 10 QC achievements of Fuxi Power Company, a subsidiary of China Power, were all awarded the 2nd place award.

Fuxi Power Company has focused its effort on QC R&D in recent years. This March, the company selected 10 outstanding QC achievements related to energy saving and consumption reduction, equipment reliability enhancement and safety protection from a batch of QC projects submitted by each QC group. The expert panel of Yibin City QC Group Activity evaluated 61 QC achievements submitted by various companies across Yibin. Fuxi Power Company's 10 QC achievements received favourable comments from the panel and were awarded the 2nd place award.

This year, the company has organised training sessions for members of QC groups and encouraged them to discuss about the issues which exist at sites and solutions to overcome the problems. The company also rewarded staff for their QC achievements, hoping to improve quality, reduce energy consumption and foster corporate development.

QC group activity is conducted by staff to manage quality. According to the company's operation strategy and objectives and based on the issues which exist at sites, specific procedures have been implemented to improve quality, reduce consumption, enhance staff's efficiency and economic benefits. It is an effective initiative for quality management.