Datong Hunyuan PV Project of Zhongdian Shentou Shentou Achieves Grid Connection

At 15:16 pm on 15 June, the Datong Hunyuan PV Project of China Power achieved grid connection. All PV components are in normal operation after grid connection. The electricity generated on the first day amounted to 63000 kWh. Offering good economic and social values, the project is another milestone for the development of clean energy projects and local energy transformation and reform.

Located in Hunyuan County, Datong, the Datong Hunyuan PV Project has a total capacity of 100,000 kW. As the project disperses on abandoned lands, the construction difficulty is quite high. To ensure successful grid connection of the project, an operation unit comprising staff from the construction department and supervision department was formed to design a detailed grid connection work plan for smooth and orderly coordination and organization. During the process, the leaders and technicians provided guidance for the work. Project managers and professional technicians raced against the time on scorching hot days to finish every single task, making sure all parameters were at normal level. The active power and electric current numbers shown on the control panel at the control room changed constantly as the equipment was successively commissioned for operation. All "clean energy" generated by different parties converged at a point and sent to the grid. The project has achieved successful grid connection.