Environmental Protection through Closure and Reconstruction of Yaomeng Power Generation Coal Yard

With the gradual development of the environmental standards, Yaomeng Power Generation conducted the closure and reconstruction project of No. 5 coal yard in 3 months based on original dust-controlling measures, including wind dust-controlling nets, dry-coal shed and sprinkler to completely improve the environment of the coal yard, and the inspection and acceptance were completed on 4 July.

The fuel department of the company took active action and sped up the work in the scorching heat to empty the yard and ensure the construction can be carried out on time. Overcoming the narrow space of the coal yard, they moved around 40,000 tonnes of coal into the dry-coal shed before the civil construction. Since the grid structure construction was operated at height in the whole process, the company arranged three experienced personnel who had involved in the similar project management to supervise and manage the project on-site. In the meantime, the company actively implemented the dust-controlling and covering for the construction and created a cool environment for the workers, laying a solid foundation on the success of the project.