Technology Center of China Power Initially Conducted Testing and Assessment on Oil Capacity for Electric Power of Power Generation Enterprises

To further improve the inspection ability of the chemical professionals from generation companies of China Power, and enhance the oil and gas supervision and management levels of each unit, the technology center of China Power conducted its first testing and assessment activity of the electric power oil capacity of power generation companies in the system from 1 July to 24 July, with nine coal-fired power generation companies in China Power’s system participating in the activity.

The assessment activity composed of anonymity test, on-site sampling transformer oil and on-site chromatographic analysis and operation for transformer oil, covering sampling, testing, analysis and other procedures of the electric power oil inspection. The activity focused on the understanding of the technical standards by professionals in various segments, as well as the standardization of testing and operation, and accuracy of test results, etc.

This highly targeted activity helped the company discover shortcomings of the system unit in testing in a timely manner through face-to-face communication. Demonstrating the standards and requirements of relevant works hand-in-hand effectively assisted professionals of the power generation companies to improve their professional skills, which was highly appreciated by the system unit.