Pingwei Power Generation Obtained the Centralized Heat-supply Authorization in Huainan Panji Economic Development Zone

On 25 July, Pingwei Power Generation obtained the centralized heat-supply authorization in Pingwei Economic Development Zone after obtaining the heat-supply authorization in the coal industrial park of Huainan Panji District. The heat-supply project of the company has successfully obtained the concession rights in two parks, and laid a solid foundation on the corporate transformation and development, as well as the improvement in the value added capacity of existing generation units.

Since 2017, the company has successively entered into strategic cooperation agreements with coal industrial park and the government of Panji District, and stably promoted the heat-supply projects according to the principles of integration of recent and future plans, overall planning, and implementation by phases. Currently, the company has entered into agreements of intent for utilization of heat and energy with 13 enterprises in two industrial parks, pursuant to which, the annual heat usage shall be over 1 million tonnes. To further enhance the heat-supply capacity, the company is comprehensively carrying out the heat-supply optimization work. During the "14th Five-Year Period", the annual heat-supply is projected to reach 2 million tonnes.