New Record—Safe Operation for 500 Consecutive Days of Changshu Power Generation No. 6 Unit

At 5:00 on 1 August, Changshu Power Generation No. 6 Unit has achieved safe operation for 500 consecutive days, breaking and making new records of the consecutive operation of generating units with capacity of million kw from State Power Investment.

To achieve the cyclic operation of units, Changshu Power Generation successively launched several targeted technical measures and pre-arranged emergency plans, further improved the production management mechanism and comprehensively strengthened safe production to enhance the safety, environmental protection and economic efficiency of units. During the period, No. 6 Unit successfully solved problems including the malfunction of blower blade, slag conveyors trips and stops, and EH oil pump coupling failure, reflecting its first-class capacity of operation, maintenance and guarantee. It smoothly accomplished significant tasks of passing the peak period in summer and winter.

Since 2019, Changshu Power Generation has put forth efforts to build an excellent regional comprehensive energy service base with "first-class management and first-class team". Despite the weak growth of the electricity market in Jiangsu, Changshu Power Generation achieved continuous increase in the operating results. From January to July, six units of the company kept "no unplanned operation suspension" that 5 units operated for 100 consecutive days and power generation and profit indicator achieved advanced results, representing a significant increase compared as the same period in the last year.