Wuhu Power Generating Company Launches Full Operation of Two Generators for Summer

Since August, Wuhu Power Generating Company’s two generators with an installed capacity of 660MW each have been in stable and safe operation and well-prepared for the summer, a period when electricity consumption is at its peak.

The company has worked relentlessly to prepare itself for the “golden period” of energy generation in the summer, implemented relevant measures for the peak season and launched competitions for employees during the summer. Internally, it continued to strengthen the management of electricity sales, generation and fuels. Externally, it paid close attention to the change of power consumption and the market trend. Since the summer, the company has ranked at the forefront among the companies with similar generators in terms of the utilisation hours of generators, laying a foundation for achieving the goals previously set for the peak period.

The company has devised a detailed plan and adopted a multi-pronged approach to control coal purchase, enhance fuel management, improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance, increase the reliability of generators, and step up the effort in emergency training for flood prevention and inspection for hidden risks of equipment, so as to keep the generators in good shape and provide solid support for the peak season.