Yaomeng Electric Power Company’s No. 6 Unit Commended for Green Performance

On 26 August, the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission announced that as No. 6 Unit of Yaomeng Electric Power Company had always been ranking first among units of the same grade in terms of environmental indicator performance, it successfully gained the name of the 2019 Leading Unit in Coal Power Energy-saving and Eco-friendly Performance. It was the second consecutive year of the unit being granted this name.

In recent years, the company has been actively conducting engineering work including the modification for ultra-low emissions of No. 6 Unit, equipment upgrade and modification, and the closure and transformation of the coal yards to achieve near-zero emissions from its units. Moreover, it has further strengthened the environmental management of its coal yards, achieving notable environmental results. In 2018, the company’s No. 6 Unit was declared the 2018 Leading Unit in Coal Power Energy-saving and Eco-friendly Performance by the Henan government, and the company was rewarded with 100,000 MWh in basic electricity supply. Going forward, the company will continue to actively explore emission technologies regarding coal-fired units to continue its good work on emissions reduction and further achieve better eco-friendly results.