Shangqiu Cogeneration Company’s No. 2 Unit Achieves Safe Operation for 100 Consecutive Days

Up until 7:00 on 30 August, No. 2 Unit of Shang Qiu Cogeneration Company had achieved safe operation for 100 consecutive days. At present, the unit is in sound operation.

Following the achievement of cyclic operation for 194 days by the company’s No. 1 Unit, the company achieved another remarkable result, withits No. 2 Unit achieving safe operation for 100 consecutive days. Since the launch of all of its units in May, the company’s staff have worked together to diligently carry out their duties to continue the company’s safe production in such aspects as safety risks management and control, strengthened equipment management and accelerated operational management. Regarding the “hundredth birthday” of its units as the new starting point, the company has kick-started various work in a down-to-earth fashion, in an effort to lay a more solid foundation for more hundredth birthdays of its units.