Fuxi Power Company and Yaomeng Electric Power Company Hold Open Days

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of China, further demonstrate the country’s latest achievements in reforms and development, popularise environmental protection knowledge about coal-fire power generation and conduct caring activities for its staff, Yaomeng Electric Power Company launched the “Golden Autumn Schooling Assistance” programme and held an open day carrying a theme “Work hard for a new era” for 2019.

At the “Golden Autumn Schooling Assistance” ceremony, the company distributed scholarships to students in need and souvenirs to new undergraduate students. After the ceremony, the company arranged a tour to the production site for the new undergraduate students who were children of its staff, so as to further promote green electricity knowledge and demonstrate the power development achievement.

Concurrently, Sichuan CPI Fuxi Power Company Limited (Fuxi Power Company) held its second open day under the theme of environmental protection this year to demonstrate its environmental protection development and clean power generation results. More than 30 family members of its staff visited the plant.

After watching the company’s promotional videos on environmental protection, learning about the safety steps for working in the plant, the visitors toured the company’s production fields such as the central control room, steam turbine 13.7m platform, cooling tower, coal inspection centre, etc. to learn about the company’s production procedure, environmental protection development results, unit operation parameters and corporate culture. Also, the visitors were given a chance to personally experience the daily working environment and duties of their family members in their posts.

Seriously putting into practice the green development concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, China Power actively demonstrates to the general public the results of its eco-friendly development and clean production, building a positive corporate social image.