CEPEF Grants to Pingwei Power Generating Company Title of AAAAA-Grade Firm among
Holders of Good Standardizing Practice Certificate

The China Electric Power Enterprise Federation conducted an onsite assessment of Pingwei Power Generating Company from 2nd to 4th November and granted it a total score of 477, bestowing upon it the title of an AAAAA-grade enterprise among corporate holders of the Good Standardizing Practice Certificate.

Divided into three groups on integration, systematism and implementation respectively, the six-member expert panel from the CEPEF complied with the assessment standards in “Evaluation and Improvement of Standardisation Work in Power Companies” in examining the various aspects of the company’s standard systems including their development, implementation, examination and enhancements through hearing, sight, questioning, investigations and so on.

Next, the company will use the results of this assessment to overcome inadequacies in the development of its standards by clarifying responsibilities, formulating rectification measures and completing feedback control systems, so as to continuously improve its business management.