Wuhu Electric Power Named Demonstration Unit for Labour Security by Wuhu

Wuhu Electric Power was honourably named an A-grade demonstration unit for labour security in the city of Wuhu on 8 November, according to a recent relevant document from the city’s government.

It is known that since the city’s related annual selection work commenced, the company’s Human Resources Department had been preparing feverishly by stipulating work requirements, creating work highlights after considering the actual situation, preparing declaration materials and submitting documents for declaration and evaluations in a timely manner. The company waited roughly six months for the results after its initial declaration.

The honour embodies the city government’s recognition of the company’s achievements in labour security. While striving hard to develop its production capabilities, Wuhu Electric Power still remembers its initial intentions and unites with its employees all along by avoiding acting against or harming and firmly defending the close interests of each of its workers – excelling at labour security tasks and remaining ahead of its industry peers in this regard.