China Power Sharing Obtains Copyright for 14 Pieces of Computer Software

China Power Sharing has been recently granted copyright by the National Copyright Administration for 14 computer software development systems self-developed and implemented by the company, such as the Automatic Receipt Software V1.0, Dual Platform Data Docking Management System V1.0, Real-time Monitoring System for Cash Pooling Flow V1.0 and Settlement Management System V1.0 – a critical step towards qualification application by high-tech companies.

The software was self-developed and implemented by China Power Sharing against the backdrop of a big data era, in line with the core ideas of its financial transformation strategies. The software can effectively enhance the group’s financial work efficiency, the accuracy and standardisation of its financial data processing and the level of its business and financial integration, as well as avoiding the phenomenon of “information islands” in its financial information system, providing strong technical support for the group to improve its professional financial management.