Yaomeng Electric Power Company Praised by Henan Government for Its QC Group and
Multiple QC Results

Yaomeng Electric Power Company of China Power won technological achievement awards for 2019 from Henan Province for five results from its QC group, within which a fundamental team was named a trustworthy team for provincial quality, according to the Henan Association for Quality on 18 November.

Among them, “Reduce Number of Defects in Steam Feed Pump of Unit 5” and “Reduce Number of Plasma Ignition Failures in No. 5 Furnace” received first-class technological awards for 2019 from the Henan authority, whereas “Improve Correct Rate of ETS System Operation of Unit 5”, “Reduce Frequency of Flying Ash Leakage in No. 4 Furnace” and “Improve Oil Quality Pass Rate of No. 5 Engine Lubricant System” claimed second-class ones; the company’s Steam Turbine Equipment Maintenance Department was given the honorary title of Trustworthy Quality Team for Henan Province.

Yaomeng Electric Power Company’s efforts to embark upon quality management have been highly acclaimed by the expert panel. The company has long been attaching much importance to its quality control and management by actively applying and exploring new technologies, techniques and methods, with excellent results in achieving energy conservation in machines and enhancing equipment reliability and security, properly pushing for improvements in its management and safety production.