China Power Holds “Ying Shan Hong · China Power
Bright Education” Student Activity

China Power’s Chaoyang student activity “Ying Shan Hong · China Power Bright Education” took place in 20 primary schools located in the town centre of Chaoyang County in Liaoning Province on 4 December. The company’s Vice President Zeng Xuefeng participated in the event, where he sent warmth to underprivileged Chaoyang students in winter.

In this activity, China Power donated RMB 200,000 for the university tuition fees of 65 fresh graduates with excellent academic results and conduct from the county’s high schools, a Ying Shan Hong library and approximately 400 books to 20 primary schools in the town centre, and study tools to 25 student beneficiaries from the “Ying Shan Hong · China Power Bright Education” one-to-one scholarship programme.

As part of the activity, China Power also gave a lively lesson on popular knowledge about science and electricity, with the children actively taking part and raising their hands to speak and interact in the Q&A session, creating a studious atmosphere which aroused everyone’s enthusiasm and interest to learn about electricity and science.