Changshu Electric Power Receives Title of “Civilized Unit in Jiangsu
Province for 2016-2018”

On 13 December, Changshu Electric Power received from the Jiangsu Provincial Steering Committee for Ideological and Ethical Advancement an official notice naming it the “Civilized Unit in Jiangsu Province for 2016-2018”, a name given to Jiangsu units with a certain level of demonstrative significance.

The company has long persisted in carrying out deep spiritual civilisation work, actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, creating and implementing core socialist values and vigorously pushing for the development of a spiritual socialist civilisation, which have all become important drivers for the company’s business advancement and development. The company values civilised unit creation work so much that it has included it in its annual work plan in a bid to integrate standards for civilised units into its daily work.