CP Shentou Notches up Achievement Awards from Power Industry’s
Quality Management Team for Two Results

On 13 December, CP Shentou received an honorary certificate from the China Water Resource Electricity Quality Control Association, which notified the company in its “Notice on Demonstration and Exchange Meeting of Outstanding Quality Management Team of Power Industry” that two of its quality management results – “Retrofit of Static Rings in Coal Mills” and “Optimisation of Variable Frequency Operation of Condensate Pumps for 600MW Supercritical Units” – had been awarded second-class honour.

It is known that all the 654 entries to the quality management team were excellent results selected and submitted by power companies. Regarding the two teams for the company’s two honoured results, they combined experience, accumulated since the units came into operation, in the elimination and rectification of the units’ major defects affecting safe production during repair and maintenance, and paid attention to the detail – their impeccable logic and contents unanimously won positive comments from the judges.