First Grid Connection for China Power Chaoyang’s 500MW
Low-priced PV Grid Connection Demonstration Project

At about 8 a.m. on 24 December, China Power Chaoyang first-time achieved successful grid connection in its 500MW Low-priced PV Grid Connection Demonstration Project – China’s largest PV low-priced grid-connection demonstration project in single-unit capacity.

Measured approximately 22,000 mu2 in Chaoyang County of Chaoyang City, the project is invested, constructed and operated by China Power and involves 500MW in installed capacity.

In this project – China Power’s first low-priced PV grid connection project, the company actively explored new models with similar power generation capacity and efficiency levels and, through technical optimisation and innovative bidding modes, made the project’s internal rate of return reach comparable to those for subsidised PV projects.

The project was “approved and kick-started and achieved grid connection in the same year”. Involving extensive land and complicated land properties and terrain conditions, China Power resolved key issues such as the use of land, supporting documents, and power transmission and consumption in effective fashions, setting an example for subsequent large-scale base projects.