First Grid Connection for Dabieshan Power Plant’s Phase-II
Expansion Project No. 3 Unit

At 6:18 p.m. on 29 December, Dabieshan Power Plant’s phase-II expansion project No. 3 unit successfully connected to the power grid for the first time, with normal system status and parameters and stable unit operation.

Connecting the No. 3 unit to the power grid for the first time within 2019 was the expectation and requirement of China Power and the local government for Dabieshan Power Company; to accomplish this mission, the entire company had centred about this work and led the participating departments and units in overcoming various obstacles.

Established in 2003, Dabieshan Power Company is responsible for promoting the economic development in its old district and is the first power company founded by China Power following its listing. The company was once given the honorary title of “Advanced Group of Central Enterprises”, has been among the “Top 100 Enterprises in Hubei” for years, is listed amongst the top 10 industrial companies in the city of Huanggang, and was named “Huanggang City’s Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up”. It has also been honoured with the China Quality Power Project Award, Hubei Provincial May 1st Labour Award, SPIC Civilisation Model, China’s Beautiful Power Plant, etc.